What You Can Do

*Names have been redacted for safety concerns. Please respect anonymity when disclosing information from testimonials.  Do not add to harm by outing survivors.


* Ban Diego from movement spaces including MayDay Space, Starr Bar, the Base, St. Jacobi Church, Judson Memorial Church, Bluestockings Bookstore, Cotton Hustle printshop, the International Action Center, Split Rock Unity Camp, Left Wing Soccer games, People’s Power Assembly events, Free University events, Decolonize this Place events, Interference Archive, the Marxist Education Project events, Watershed Collective events, all Anarchist Book Fairs, etc.

* Remove Diego from collectives & organizations.


We are calling on the following groups: Laundry Workers Center, Mirer Mazzocchi Schalet & Julien law firm, Sunset Park Cop Watch, ICE-FREE NYC, Organization for a Free Society (OFS), Immigrant Workers Justice (IWJ), Water Warriors Collective, the OWS Bail Fund, Wildfire Project, Rockaway Wildfire, New Sanctuary Coalition, The Working World, The New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYC NOWC), Red Warrior Camp, and any other project Diego continues to have ties with. Set a precedent by adopting accountability processes that honor survivors’ safety and needs before the well being of a serial abuser.

–> If you remove him, we are asking you to sign on to a public statement saying as such.  Here are group statements so far: In Solidarity.

–> If you choose to continue having a working relationship with Diego, know that it will be made public. Social capital and continued support has enabled this abuser to go on unabated for YEARS. No more.

* Boycott LUV Custom Prints until Diego is removed from the cooperative. If you are one of this cooperatives’ funders or clients: stop financing the print shop until Diego is removed. Urge fellow cooperative members to stop enabling this abuser.

* Stop Funding Diego. Financing and support includes employing him, lending or giving him money for either his own survival or his actions and organizing efforts, and offering him free resources such as housing. Diego should also be removed as a member of the OWS Bail Fund group.

* Isolate Diego socially. Don’t invite Diego to meetings or parties and don’t take him out for a beer. Unfriend him on the following social media:

Twitter: @bolivianator

Facebook: Apa Za

Soundcloud: Apaza

Refuse to offer social and/or emotional support for a man who has hurt so many womxn. Instead, give that love to the rad femmes, queers, and womxn in your life.

* Share stories of Diego and other abusers in the movement. Share this website with your organizing networks. Write to us about your stories about Diego—we’d love to hear from you. And if you want to add to our testimonials we pledge to maintain your anonymity. The more stories we bring together, the stronger our collective voice is. You can contact us at: amurderofcrows@riseup.net.

*Educate yourself and your comrades about gender violence and abuse and patriarchy. Start a reading group, institute safe(r) sex policies for your space, create accountability protocol for your collective or organization, ask your friends about their past experiences with gender violence, share your own stories, heal together. This isn’t just about Diego. This is about so many abusers. Let’s make our movements stronger and freer together.

*Spread this website to trusted folks, movement listservs, on social media following explicit disclaimer to not disclose survivors’ identities in any way.